Genealogy Friday: 7 Ways to Find lost children in Genealogy Records

Where or where has the missing child gone?  This is often a question when searching for children of a core group. So how do you find them? Search obituaries—do the parents or siblings obituaries give any hints to a married … Continued

Traditions of Christmas: The Christmas Tree

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Each Wednesday during the Christmas season we are going to take a look at the  origins of some of our Christmas traditions. The Christmas Tree was originally a pagan symbol of fertility and regeneration.  The evergreen was a symbol to … Continued

Celebrate the History of Thanksgiving

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  Thanksgiving is upon us!  However, many of our ancestors did not celebrate the modern Thanksgiving we know today. Yes, the first Thanksgiving was celebrated by the Pilgrims in 1621.  Not until George Washington was President, was another Thanksgiving celebrated … Continued

Genealogy Friday: When Families Intermarry

Are you searching for children for an ancestor and wondering where they went? You may want to try searching the records of neighbors and other family members in the same area. I have a couple of family groups that lived … Continued

Genealogy Friday: Divorce 19th century style

Have you wondered how ancestors were divorced in the 19th century? Do you have an ancestor you know was married before but have been unable to find a marriage record? I’ve ran across this situation on several occasions.  I have … Continued