Genealogy Friday: The Clan System

If you’ve researched any Scottish family history you may have heard of the clan? So what is a clan?  In essence, it’s a family group.  Some clans also have septs.  This is a smaller family group within a larger family … Continued

Genealogy Friday: 5 Artistic Forms of Story Telling

I’ve shared points on turning family history into a children’s story or novel in a writing form. However, what if you’re not a writer?  Maybe you’re an artist? There are numerous other ways to tell family history stories. Artist—can draw … Continued

Genealogy Friday: 16 Questions when Printing Family Histories

      I’ve shared the benefits of printed family histories, but what if you are printing a family history. What are some aspects of this endeavor you may want to keep in mind? Is my family interested What format … Continued

Genealogy Friday: 9 Reasons to Check Out Printed Family Histories

Printed family histories are a great place to start when you’re stuck. Many families have printed their family histories over the years.  Some provide more detail and sources than others. However, these can be a great resource. They may even … Continued