Presidents: John Tyler

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John Tyler became the first Vice President to succeed as President. He also is the President with the most children and only 19th Century President to still have living grandchildren. John Tyler was born on March 29, 1790 to an … Continued

First Ladies: Anna Harrison Taylor

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Anna Harrison Taylor, daughter of President William Henry Harrison, is also believed to have accompanied her father and along with her sister-in-law, Jane Irwin Harrison, served as unofficial hostess. Anna Tuthill Harrison was born on October 28, 1813, the youngest daughter … Continued

First Ladies: Jane Irwin Harrison

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When Anna Symmes Harrison, proved too ill to travel to Washington, D.C. with her husband, William Henry Harrison, for his upcoming inauguration he asked his recently widowed daughter-in-law to accompany him. This daughter-in-law, Jane Irwin Harrison, was the widow of … Continued

First Ladies: Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison

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Anna Harrison became the first wife of a sitting President, to become his widow. She was also the grandmother of a future president, Benjamin Harrison. Anna Elizabeth Symmes was born on July 25, 1775 in Morristown, New Jersey. She was … Continued

Presidents: William Henry Harrison

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William Henry Harrison was the last President to be born as a British subject. He was also our first President to die while in office. William Henry Harrison was born on February 9, 1773 at his family’s plantation, Berkeley Plantation, … Continued

History of the Shamrock

On this St. Patrick’s Day, I thought we would take a look at one of the popular symbols of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day, the Shamrock. A shamrock is a young sprig of clover.  The word shamrock derives from the … Continued

Presidential Daughters: Angelica Sinclair Van Buren

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When Martin Van Buren became the eighth President of the United States, he needed someone to serve as hostess for him. His wife, Hannah, had died from tuberculosis in 1819. President Van Buren turned to his daughter-in-law, Angelica, to serve … Continued