Presidential Hostess: Sarah Yorke Jackson

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Sarah York Jackson also served as hostess for President Andrew Jackson, whose wife Rachel Jackson died before he took office. She served after Emily Donelson either became unable to serve or refused to continue serving. Eventually the two women would … Continued

Presidential Hostess: Emily Donelson

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Emily Donelson was the niece of Rachel Donelson Jackson. Upon her aunt’s death, Emily stepped up to serve as hostess for her uncle, President Andrew Jackson. Emily’s father, John, was the brother of Rachel Jackson. Emily Tennessee Donelson was born … Continued

First Ladies: Rachel Donelson Jackson

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Rachel Jackson was the wife of Andrew Jackson. She died after her husband won the election for President, but before he ever took office. Unofficially, she never served as White House. Her niece Emily Donelson took over her role as … Continued

First Ladies: Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams

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Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams held the special distinction of being the only First Lady not born in the United States, until our current First Lady. Louisa Catherine Johnson was born in London, England on February 12, 1775. She was the … Continued

Presidents: John Quincy Adams

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John Quincy Adams held the distinction for the next 175 years of being not only President of the United States, but the son of a President. George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush are now the other father-son duo to … Continued