The Pilgrims: Planting and Harvesting

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Each house in Plymouth Colony had it’s own garden, where vegetables and herbs were grown. This was the smaller garden where they would grow herbs and vegetables. Some of the vegetables would include spinach, lettuce, turnips and carrots. A portion … Continued

10 Reasons to Attend Genealogy Conferences

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This past summer I had the opportunity to attend a large genealogy conference in my area. I have attended many genealogy conferences, but this was one of the better’s ones I have attended. There was something here for everyone whether … Continued

The Pilgrims: Illness

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That first winter was brutal on the passengers of the Mayflower. A mixture of “a mixture of scurvy, pneumonia, and tuberculosis” moved through the group that first winter. Of the 102 passengers that arrived in the New World, only 53 … Continued

How Do I Check Past Weather Reports?

Last week, I shared the idea from another genealogy research to check the weather for specific, special dates. But how do I check the weather? Farmer’s Almanac {Online goes back to 1945, so if you need before then check local … Continued