9 Ways to Enjoy Christmas with Family

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[learn_more caption=”Merry Christmas” state=”open”] Merry Christmas[/learn_more] This is a great time to make family time and family history count. Some of these ideas include: Share your favorite Christmas memory—either from adulthood or as a child Share how certain family traditions … Continued

Traditions of Christmas: Christmas Carols

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Christmas Carols originated as pagan dance rituals and gained popularity during the American Civil War.  Huge choruses began assembling and singing carols to celebrate the Messiah’s birth.  By 1928 there were over 2000 American cities with carolers. Most popular Christmas … Continued

Traditions of Christmas: Mistletoe

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Mistletoe is from the Old English words mistle [dung] and tan [twig]. It springs to life from bird droppings on the tree branch. It was considered sacred and people were in awe because it could live when nothing else did. … Continued

Traditions of Christmas: The Christmas Tree

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Each Wednesday during the Christmas season we are going to take a look at the  origins of some of our Christmas traditions. The Christmas Tree was originally a pagan symbol of fertility and regeneration.  The evergreen was a symbol to … Continued