Changing Misconceptions

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A cousin and I have been researching our great-great-grandmother’s line and her lineage and family. Another cousin, who was a granddaughter to our great-great-grandmother, had shared a family story that had been passed down that our 2x-grandmother had a stepmother … Continued

7 Ways to Write your own story for future prosperity

Do you wish an ancestor had left behind journals, a diary or their autobiography? There are many ancestors I wish had done just that, but they did not. We cannot change the past, but we can change the present. We … Continued

When Our Research Interlaces with History

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A while back I shared a review of the book, His Other Life.  The author, set out to determine her father’s connection to Tennessee Williams. Our ancestors were not solitary figures.  They had hopes, dreams and friendships of their own. … Continued