8 Ways to Grow Your Genealogy Arsenal

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When I began researching my family history more than two decades ago, I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to start.

Thankfully my local library provided genealogy lectures and classes every month, which I faithfully attended for years.

Through this I was able to grow and learn more about the craft.  I put what I learned to work and sharpened my skills.

Sadly, the classes eventually disbanded, and I continued to grow through other avenues such as local and national conferences and online classes and blogs.

That is why I was so thankful to see recently that my library was again offering classes on genealogical research.  I thought of how much interest in the hobby has grown with the invention of the internet and online research and TV programs on tracing family roots.

Whether you are new to researching your family history or a seasoned pro there are tons of ways to learn more and genuinely build your research arsenal:

Library of Congress reading room
  1. Classes at your local library
  2. Classes at larger libraries in your area
  3. Genealogy societies in your area
  4. State conferences
  5. National conference
  6. Online blogs
  7. Online classes
  8. Webinars

Even after two and a half decades of genealogy research, I am still growing and learning new techniques and ideas of interest.

How do you build your genealogy arsenal?

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