History of May Day

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Did you know that May 1st is known as May Day?

May Day is a traditional spring holiday in many cultures. 

The earliest May Day celebrations appeared in the pre-Christian times with the festival of the
Flora. Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers.

As pagan holidays faded away into more religious holidays, May Day became a popular secular

May Day was a day of dancing, singing and cake.  In Europe, and later America, it became popular to dance around the mayday pole and to crown the Queen of May.

Anonymously leaving Mayday baskets on neighbor’s doorsteps filled with sweets or flowers was also popular.  However, that custom has faded from popularity in the last half century. 

Morris Dancing, or English folk dancing, is also very popular in Europe for this holiday.

May Day has been a traditional day of festivities throughout the centuries.  The day is associated with celebrating springtime fertility and celebrating with a community gathering now that the seeding is finished. 

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