Genealogy Friday: Creating a Timeline for your Ancestor

I love to create a timeline for my ancestors.  This way I am able to map out their life events and locations.  This helps me to understand and visualize these events. I also incorporate specific events in the lives of … Continued

Genealogy Friday: Chronicling America online newspaper

Chronicling America is the online newspaper available through the Library of Congress. This website is a great resource and has newspapers from 1836-1922 across the country that are available. Why are the newspapers only through 1922?  Because these are in … Continued

Genealogy Friday: 10 Family Inspired Wedding Ideas

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      I recently saw an article where the individual mentioned printing wedding pictures of both the bride and grooms parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great great grandparents and incorporating them into the décor of the wedding. This got … Continued

Genealogy Friday: 2 Ways to Organize Paper Genealogy Files

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    Last week we discussed how to organize digital genealogy files. Today, I want to discuss how to organize paper genealogy files. The two most common ways to organize the files are: File folders—use file folders that are labelled … Continued

Genealogy Friday: Organizing Digital Files

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If you’ve been doing genealogy for any length of time you probably have a lot of digital files.  So how do you organize these files? Create folders—create folders for your family history. Have a main folder that is easily assessable … Continued

Genealogy Friday: Why Family Reunions Are Dying Out

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Recently, I had someone ask when we were going to have the next family reunion.  I honestly answered “I don’t know.” With over 500+ descendants living, we are lucky to have the same faithful group of about thirty to attend … Continued

Genealogy Friday: How to Have a Fabulous Family Reunion

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With the summer here, many families are planning family reunions.  So how can you have a fabulous family reunion? Plan a theme the family will enjoy Have activities for the children Keep the costs affordable for everyone Tell Stories and … Continued

Genealogy Friday: Genealogy is Obsessive

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When most people begin researching their family history, it is because there is some interest in their heritage and roots. However, most people do not begin how time consuming researching can be.  Although, there are wonderful websites such as … Continued

Genealogy Friday: Chasing Rabbit Trails

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In genealogy it is very easy to go chasing rabbit trails. So what does this mean? For example, last weekend I went to the library looking for obituaries on a specific family to further my research. However, reading one of … Continued