3 Reasons Why Women in the 19th Century had such a low life Expectancy

Today, it the average life expectancy of a woman is expected to reach is about 83 years of age. However, before the 20th Century this life expectancy was much lower. Often in researching your family history, you may discover a … Continued

9 Reasons Children Died Before Adulthood

While researching, I’ve come across family members who had numerous children.  However, out of the twelve children born to this family only three lived to adulthood. Today this seems very odd, but before all of the medical advances of the … Continued

Medical and Health Issues in 1912

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Today we’re used to going to the doctor or hospital for medical maladies. A hundred years ago life was very different. Babies were still born at home and doctors still made house calls. Residents in larger cities were more likely … Continued