Getting Started
Want to know how to get started researching your family history?  Leagh will take you through the very first steps to get started.

 Turning Your Family History into a Story
Is there an event in your family that would make a great story? Whether you decide to write a short story or full length novel, Leagh will provide tips on how to bring your ancestors to life, make your characters pop and write a page turning story.

Researching in the 19th Century
Need tips for finding your ancestor before the 20th Century.  Through the use of census records, city directors, land records and other sources Leagh will tell you how.

Who is Grandma?
            Who was grandma before she married?  Where did she come from?  Who were her parents?  Leagh will give you tips on busting through some of the walls to discover more about your female ancestors.

Where Did they Disappear to?
Are you searching for descendants of a family?  Do you wonder what happened to their children or who their children married?   Will will discover ways to search for descendants, both living and dead, to discover more about their offspring. We will research in reverse and go forward in time instead of backward.

Decorating and Gifting Around Family History
Would you like to decorate a wall or room that accentuates your family? Would you like to give your children, grandchildren or parents unique family history gifts? Leagh gives shows you a variety of ideas to use to show off to accentuate the family.

Leagh will be happy to develop a program for your needs