Scotland holds a special place in Leagh’s heart. 

Why Scotland?


Leagh’s ancestry is 7/8 part of the British Isles {England, Scotland and Ireland}.  The more she learned about her ancestry, the more she wanted to discover about the homeland her ancestors left.  She later had the opportunity to immerse herself in the Scottish culture for a while.  In 2008, she spent three weeks in Scotland travelling the country.

The visit was an emotional and tumultuous time for her personally and she was struggling with a lot of issues and pain in her life.  One Sunday morning she stumbled into a church in Edinburgh.  She’d hoped to attend the early service, only to discover the service was cancelled.

Instead she spent the next two hours on her knees crying out to God.  During this time she recommitted her heart and life to her Lord and Savior, and submitted the where she was struggling back to God. During this time she dedicated her life to Christian Ministry, a calling she’d fought for years.


Leagh also discovered during her visit just how friendly and helpful the people of Scotland are.


While in Scotland, Leagh felt an amazing peace.  She sensed that she was home in a way she’s never felt before.  She felt a connection with her ancestors and that she was finally in a place where she belonged.


She finds the beauty of Scotland breathtaking.  Leagh loves the Celtic sounds of the pipes that are both inviting, lively and welcoming, as well as haunting and calling.


Leagh hopes to be able to return to Scotland for an extensive research trip sometime in the next few years.


Leagh has a number of ideas for books set throughout Scottish history.