3 Reasons to Save Your Family History off of Ancestry.com

I love Ancestry.com and they offer many wonderful services.  One of these services is to upload your family tree and attach records to that tree.

This makes it very easy and convenient.  However, there are some reasons to save your family history information in a separate file other than just on your Ancestry.com account.

Do you save your records offline as well as online?

So, what are these reasons?

Not using Ancestry.com—whether you are taking a break, don’t like the site or can’t afford the membership, if you are not a current subscriber you do not have access to the information on their site.

Have a backup of the information—I have both a digital and paper backup of the records and documents for each family member.  Mishaps always happen both online and in our homes.  Having a backup of both is just an added security.

Need to Access information offline—if you are planning a research trip or attending a reunion, you may not have access to your Ancestry.com account.  Having a copy of the records with you {either digital or paper} will help you to keep from duplicating research and share with others.  {You may also want to keep a list of what records you do have.}

Do you save your records offline?

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