5 Places to find a Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness

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Genealogist Like to Help One Another

Genealogists enjoy helping one another.   They are often willing to help with generating ideas or to conduct research if you live in another locality.

In the genealogy community this is referred to as Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness {RAOGK}.

This is a great way to help one another out, pay it forward and save money in the process.  The only thing asked is to reimburse their expenses {postage, copies, parking fees, gasoline, printing fees, etc.}

So where can you find RAOGK?

  1. RAOGK—this website is dedicated to random acts of genealogical kindness
  2. Forums—places such as Genforum where you can exchange information and questions. Some researchers are willing to help with RAOGK.
  3. Facebook pages—there are numerous genealogy pages on Facebook and several are just for RAOGK or to share tips and ideas.
  4. Libraries—often the employees at the library will do a quick search for inquiries.
  5. FindAGrave—often other contributors will search cemeteries to provide pictures of a gravestone.

Don’t forget to take the time to write a note of thank you and place in the mail.  Also, pay it forward and provide a RAOGK for someone.

Where have you found random acts of genealogical kindness?

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