7 Places to Host a Family Reunion without Busting the Budget

So, it’s time to host a family reunion, but you don’t have a large budget.  Where can you host a family reunion?

It is possible to have a great family reunion
  1. State Park—many state parks have covered picnic area’s they rent out for a very reasonable rate. Most are under $100.
  2. Local church—churches will rent out their fellowship hall. However, most churches will only rent their fellowship area’s out to a current church member.  Also, don’t be surprised if they charge a rental fee or clean up fee, but again these are usually under $100.
  3. Local school—if someone works at a local school, they may be able to make arrangements to rent out the gymnasium for the family reunion.
  4. Local Park—many local parks also have covered picnic area’s that they are willing to rent out.
  5. Rent a Vacation Home—if you want your reunion to last all weekend or for even for a week, then consider renting a vacation home. Finding a place in the mountains, on the beach or at your favorite destination is a great way to bring the family together.
  6. Rent a Banquet hall—many hotels have banquet halls or conference centers that rent out rooms. Call around for the best rate.
  7. Local Country Club—if someone in the family belongs to the local country club, then an affordable rate may be possible to rent out a banquet area.

When booking your trip, plan to start six months to a year in advance, to secure the destination for the family reunion.  Many places quickly book up or increase their fees as the date draws closer.

Where have you hosted a family reunion on a budget?

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