7 Reasons to Revisit Brick Walls

No one likes to run across brick walls in their family history, but let’s be honest we all probably run across one or more at some point in our research.

I’m beginning to find enough information to break through those brick walls..but sometimes it takes decades and a break every now and then

I’ve shared tips on breaking the brick walls and one thing I reiterate is to take a break from brick walls.  At times we need time to clear our minds from the problem.

However, it’s easy to walk away and get busy with life or other genealogy problems.  But, take the time to revisit that brick wall.

About once a year or so, I like to go back and revisit my brick walls.

  1. When I go back I am looking at them with fresh eyes.
  2. I often will find a clue that I overlooked.
  3. I will discover new documentation online that was not available before to help me break the case.
  4. I will develop a new plan of action.
  5. I will find another family member that can help me break through the brick wall.
  6. I will think of a different angle to look at the problem from.
  7. I will discover a child or sibling or neighbor that may help me break the case.

What success have you found in revisiting brick walls?

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