9 Ways to Keep Generations Straight of the Same Name

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Recently, I was working on one of my lines and it became very confusing. After all there was a Sr, Jr., III, IV and even V to keep straight.

It can become very confusing at times when dealing with generation upon generation of the same name.

So, how can we keep everyone straight?

It’s not always easy, but a few ways are when we are looking through the documents to:

Check the dates and area for the best fit
  1. Check the dates—who do these dates best fit
  2. Check the place or area—did one of the generations move away
  3. Spouse—is a spouse listed.  This is one easy way to try to narrow down which forefather is referred to.
  4. Children—what children are listed and who had children with these names.
  5. Occupation—does one forefather have a job which may stand out or be mentioned
  6. Characteristics—are there special characteristics which are referred to
  7. Conflict—is there a family or neighbor conflict leading to court proceedings?
  8. Military Service—this is a great way to narrow down an ancestor. After all, a man living in 1860 could not serve in theRevolutionary War {although depending on his age, he or his son might serve in the American Civil War}.
  9. Church Affiliation—check the church records for mentions and additional information

Have you had trouble keeping names straight?

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