A Century at Plymouth Plantation

We’ve been taking a look at events which transpired after the Mayflower arrived and the first Thanksgiving. We’ll finish up the series today with a look at the rest of the 17th Century.

1650-1660  Tensions increase between Natives and Colonists

May 1657—Governor William Bradford dies

June 1657—Thomas Pence elected the new governor of Plymouth Colony

June 1660– Massasoit’s son, Wamsutta appears at the Plymouth court and states that his father is dead and asks to have his named changed “according to the custom of the natives.” He requests English names for him and his brother and receives the name Alexander Pokanokett for himself and Philip for his brother.

1662—Alexander dies under suspicious circumstances and Philip named the new Wampaoag leader

June 1675—King Philip’s War begins when the Wampanoag attack Swansea.

August 1676—King Phillip killed in battle

1681—royal charter negotiated

September 12, 1687—John Alden dies and had been the last of the Mayflower passengers living

1690—King William’s war

October 1691– King William and Mary issue a new charter that combines Plymouth and Maine colonies with Massachusetts Bay.

June 9, 1692– the last meeting of the Plymouth General Court is held.

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