10 Activities to Keep Children’s Interest At a Family Reunion

Treasure hunt—hide items that are of interest to the family {or create your own theme} and allow the children to hunt for these items.  You could even give them a treasure map and a list of items to find.treasure map

Family Coloring Book—take a few pictures of family members, put them into a program like Ipiccy, and make them black and white.  Print the pictures out and place crayons on the table for the children to color. You could even have a coloring contest, if you choose.  These are also great gift ideas.  I created these for my niece and nephews for Christmas.

Rock Painting—gather up some rocks and buy some paint, for children to paint on the rocks.

Cards—take a deck of cards, print out family pictures, place these pictures on the cards.  At the reunion the children can match the cards.  Some ideas for cards would be spouses, parents and children, mother and daughter, father and son, younger and older version of same person, etc.

Classic Games—introduce kids to classic games that now seem to be obsolete.  Let grandparents share memories of playing such games at this age.  Ideas for this are potato sack race, horseshoes, red rover, kick the can and jacks.family reunion games

Running Games—these are great activities to keep children active and burn off some energy.  This includes games such as hide and seek, tag, duck, duck, goose and relay races.

Pool/Swimming Games—if the reunion is held at a location that has a pool or lake, this is a great idea.  Children can play or have pool races.  Extra chaperones may want to be on hand for safety concerns.

Talent Show—allow children to work together to express their talents, gifts and interest and present a talent show before the reunion is over.  {Children may want to prepare in advance or have several days to practice at the reunion.}

Animal Farm—each child is given an animal, on Go, the child has to make the sound of that animal while searching for other animals like them.

Board Games—find board games that children would enjoy playing.  Some ideas might be checkers, monopoly, etc.

Bonus Activity:

Family Puzzle—these can be purchased for about $15 on sites such as Wal-Mart and Walgreens.  Have the children {and even adults} work together to put the puzzle together.



10 Activities to Keep Children’s Interest At a Family Reunion

Fun for Kids at the Family Reunion

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