Am I related to a President?

Today we inaugurate a new president.  So, this seemed a good time to discuss our familial relationships with a President of the United States.

So, how can we determine if there might be a connection with one of our forty-five Presidents.

Are you related to a President?
Are you related to a President?
  1. Know your family history—without knowing your own family history or lineage it is difficult to know if you may be related to a President.
  2. Family legend—does family legend say you are related? That does not mean you are but it’s a great starting point to determine if there is a relationship.
  3. Common Surname—do you share a surname with one of the Presidents.
  4. Research family trees—most the Presidents have had their genealogy compiled by researchers over the centuries. Search their family tree for any clues.
  5. Research—the only way to know for sure if there is a connection is to do the research. Always double check all sources and never accept another researchers word, because errors are made.
  6. Check facts—when looking at lineages check the facts. If you claim to be a direct descendant of George Washington or Abraham Lincoln everyone will know you have not properly done your research.  George Washington had no children and Abraham Lincoln’s last direct descendant died in 1985.
  7. Accept the findings—whether you are third cousins five times removed or have no familial connection accept your findings.

If you share a common ancestor you are somehow related.  For instance, several Presidents descend from my Mayflower ancestors.  So we may be 8th cousins 3x removed but we have a distant ancestor in common.

Are you related to a President?

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