First Ladies: Anna Harrison Taylor

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Anna Harrison Taylor, daughter of President William Henry Harrison, is also believed to have accompanied her father and along with her sister-in-law, Jane Irwin Harrison, served as unofficial hostess.

Anna Harrison may be one of the women depicted at the deathbed of her father, President William Henry Harrison. No picture of Anna Harrison Taylor was found.

Anna Tuthill Harrison was born on October 28, 1813, the youngest daughter and second youngest child of the future President and his wife, Anna Tuthill Symmes Harrison.

She was married to her second cousin, William Henry Harrison Taylor. The couple had five children, John Thomas Taylor {1841-1926}, Mary Thronton Taylor Plummer {1843-1905}, Jane Taylor Davenport {1851-1939}, Nellie Taylor {1852-1864}, and Edward E. Taylor {1857-1932}.

According to the White House First Ladies page, “Her name as “Mrs. Taylor” also appears in the roster of family members listed as being in attendance at his public funeral services in the East Room of the White House.”

President Harrison is not known to have provided any protocol in ranking between his daughter and daughter-in-law, as he planned on his wife to arrive in May, following an illness, and provide organization and protocol to the new First Family.

However, President Harrison would die only 32 days into office before the arrival of his wife.

His daughter, Anna Harrison Taylor died on July 5, 1845. She is buried in North Bend, Ohio.

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