Christmas Traditions: Christmas Thorn

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The legend of the Christmas thorn dates back to the time of Christ and while a great legend, seems unlikely to be completely true.

However, let’s take a look at the legend.

After the death and resurrection of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, who buried his body, fled Jerusalem after being persecuted. Finding refuge with the Apostle Philip, he had a dream. An angel told him to go to Britain and spread the gospel, especially with the king. He was directed where to build the first church and told a miracle would happen there.

Legend says Joseph of Arimathea took the Holy Grail to England

Joseph of Arimathea did as instructed. The king gave him the area of Avalon which he and his companions arrived at on Christmas eve.

The island had a steep hill, but when he reached the top of it which was called “Weary-All”, Joseph thrust his thorn staff into the ground. When he did the roots sprouted forth and buds burst open with white flowers. The miracle promised had occurred.

The chapel was built and named Glastonbury Abbey and the Holy Grail is concealed inside the structure. Each year at Christmas and Easter the thorn flowers bloom.

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