City Life in 1924

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1924 Remember

City life was considerably different than farm and country life in the 1920s.

1920s City Life
1920s City Life

New appliances were making life much simpler for those whom lived in the city.

Cities had electricity and communication was much simpler due to the telephone.

Homes now had indoor plumbing and cities had modern sewer systems that changed city life.  This was not only appealing, but made life much simpler.

Roads were now being paved and street lamps lit up the night sky.

In the city, women had more freedom than they did in the country.  Morals began to loosen, women’s hair was cut short, skirt lengths were raised and dancing became a popular pastime.  When we think of terms such as flapper or the Roaring 20s, it is usually these city women we think of.

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