Delving Deeper Into Our Ancestor’s Lives

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                So, we’ve been researching our ancestors’ lives and we’ve hit a stone wall. There are no more records to be found on our forefathers. But we want to know more about his or her life.

                There is a way to learn more about our ancestors and how they lived. We only have to use our imagination.

                But, by perusing our local library or Amazon, we have a wealth of information at our finger tips.

  1. Fiction—many authors write historical fiction. Search for the same time period and geographical area
  2. Local histories—tell more about the area and others who lived in the area. You will be reading about friends, neighbors and extended family members.
  3. Biographies/Autobiographies—read biographies or autobiographies of individuals who lived in the same area and time period.  Maybe your ancestor rode with the Swamp Fox, served with George Washington, or rode in to surrender with Robert E. Lee. Biographies on these other men will provide a glimpse into your ancestor’s lives.
  4. Newspapers—read newspaper articles from the geographical area to discover what was going on in the area where your ancestor lived. Often these happenings would directly affect our ancestors lives.
  5. Re-Enactments–these are a great way to see first hand how our ancestor’s lived and more details about what their life may have been like such as dress, work, how they spent their day, etc.

What are some ways you’ve delved into your ancestors’ lives?

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