Discovering Grave Locations

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Last week, I shared about finding where infants in the family were buried.

But, what about other family members?

I have a set of great-great grandparents, whom I could not find their graves.

Their obituary did not tell me where they were buried, but their death certificates shared the cemetery where they were buried.

I visited the cemetery and they were able to find the plot numbers in their records.

Sure enough, neither grave had a headstone, which was why I’d not been able to find it.

Even now, I often hear the words of my 2x great-grandmother that a cousin shared with me. “I’m afraid I’ll never be buried without a marker and will be forgotten.”

I find it sad that they were buried without a marker, but I understand.  They were simple farmers who died during the height of the Great Depression.  Money was tight and luxuries such as grave markers were not in the budget.

Sadly, none of their children or grandchildren provided one after the depression and World War II ended. I’m sure the reasons were a varied as the individuals.

My 2x grandmother was buried without a marker, but has not been forgotten.

I hope that one day I will be able to provide a marker for these ancestors, but in the meantime their memory and legacy will live on in my mind and heart.

How have you discovered missing grave locations?

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