Farm and Country Life in 1924

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Farmers in 1920s
Farmers in 1920s


The Roaring 20s was not kind to the American farmer.  They had many lean years of harvest, even before the Great Depression began.  Farming was hard work, with long days and little money.

Every family member had chores, whether it was picking vegetables from the garden, milking cows, planting seeds, gathering eggs, cleaning the outhouse, washing clothes, cooking, making soap and candles, and more.

The different seasons brought their own unique set of chores, activities and challenges.

The automobile had the biggest effect on their way of life, often making plowing and their other farm chores simpler and easier.  However, some of the poorer farmers still used the old ways and methods that had been handed down for generations.

Life Meant a Lot of Hard Work for the Farmers
Life Meant a Lot of Hard Work for the Farmers

Those that lived in the country were still very far behind on the modern conveniences of the 1920s.  Many that lived on farms or in the country did not have the following until after the Great Depression ended.


  • No indoor plumbing
  • No electricity
  • None of the modern appliances that were hitting the market
  • Not everyone had a phone {may need to go to a neighbor or local store}


Other aspects to their life included:

  • Men delivered ice for the ice box {did not have refrigerator yet}
    Everyone Helped out to Work the Fields
    Everyone Helped out to Work the Fields
  • Had cows and chickens for food
  • Churned own butter   {if they had a cow}
  • Man had a job of picking up the slop pail from the outhouse once a week


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