Find Your Veteran in Service Records

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Today is Veteran’s Day.

To all of our Veteran’s—Thank you for your service to our country.

So, how do you find your veteran in service records or military records?

Searching for records from World War II and before is much earlier than more modern records.

Find your veteran in service records
Find your veteran in service records

So, where can you find military records?

  • National Archives—military records for wars from the Revolutionary War to World War I are located at the National Archives. They also have records for service personnel in more modern conflicts.
  • DAR—Daughters of the American Revolution have a lot of documents and records for revolutionary soldiers.
  • Fold 3—this subscription website has the largest database of military records online.
  •—they have the draft records for World War I and World War II
  • State Library—don’t forget to check out the state library where your ancestor served.  If nothing else, they should guide you where to look.
  • The Veteran—don’t rule out the veteran.  He may have a copy of his service record.
  • Local Library—many libraries have microfilm of service records, especially from the Revolutionary War and Civil War
  • Civil War societies—there are societies for both Union and Confederate sides, plus for women and various states.  Checking with these societies is always worth a try.

Where have you found service records?



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