Genealogy Friday: Finding Land Records

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Have you wondered where an ancestor lived but had trouble finding them?

Land Record
Land Record

Recently, I heard a great piece of advice when reading a biography.  To find the person they were searching for the researchers began with the census records.  Using the census records they were able to narrow down the state, county and township the family was living in for that year.

Using this information they were able to then go to that township or city and search their land records.  Land records are indexed by both the grantee and grantor {or buyer and seller}.   They were able to locate the family and discover the exact location where the family lived.  They also learned when the land was bought and from whom and when it was sold and to whom.

Even if your family rented the property, you may be able to use this same process to narrow down where they were living.

From there you can ride by and see where your ancestors lived and even inquire of the present owners.  However, please remember to be respectful of the present owners.  Some will be more willing to talk and share than others.  However, always show courtesy and appreciation.

In what ways have you discovered where your ancestors lived?

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