Genealogy Friday: Basic Genealogy Terminology

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When tracing your family history there is some basic terminology you will hear.  If you have been doing genealogy for a while you’re familiar with this, but if you’re new to genealogy these terms may be foreign to you.  I hope this will help you to better familiarize yourself with some of these terms.


Basic Terminology


Ancestor—a forefather; person from whom you’re descended

Ancestry—the lineage of all the ancestors of a personwe are family

Collateral Ancestor—two people descended from the same ancestral stock but not in the direct line

Common Ancestor—ancestor shared by any two or more people

Ahnentafel—a table of one’s ancestors

Descendent—a person who descends from another person

Family Group Sheet—a report listing a father, mother and each child in the family

Genealogy—study of family history and descent

Maiden Name—a woman’s last name or surname before marriage

Nee—often used to denote a woman’s maiden name

{ex.  Elizabeth Crocket nee Patton=Elizabeth Patton Crockett}

Pedigree—ancestry; bloodline; family tree; lineage

Surname—last name; family name

Which word was new to you?



Understanding Basic Genealogy Terms

Different terms related to family history 

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