Genealogy Friday: Genealogy is Obsessive

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When most people begin researching their family history, it is because there is some interest in their heritage and roots.Genealogy obsession

However, most people do not begin how time consuming researching can be.  Although, there are wonderful websites such as and Fold3, that provides a multitude of online records and sources, there are still numerous records that can only be found through good old fashioned research and leg work.

For a true genealogy junkie, this can become an obsessive compulsion.   To learn as much as possible about those that came before us can become all-consuming at times.  The more we learn, often the more we want to learn.

This is when genealogy becomes obsessive.  I have many friends that are like me and have to often make ourselves put a halt on genealogy research, in order to tend to the demands of our real, everyday life.

Still our ancestors aren’t far from our mind, as we mull over questions, brick walls and other mysteries we want to solve.

In what ways has genealogy become obsessive for you?

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