History of April

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April is a month of rebirth and hope, as we shake off the last dust of winter and settle into the blossoming of spring.

On the Roman calendar, April was the second month of the year {because the year began in March}.  The Romans gave the month the Latin name Aprilis, although it is unknown where the idea of this name originated.

The traditional meaning of the word, originates from the verb aperire, which means “to open”.  This is fitting considering the flowers and tree leaves are 
opening in April.

Greek gods

Historians believe the month may be associated with Aphrilis, which was the month of the Greek goddess Aphrodite and the Roman goddess, Venus.    

When the Gregorian Calendar went into effect, in the 16th Century, April became the fourth month of the year.


For centuries, the Catholic Church has observed the entire month of April as the “Resurrection of the Lord.”

If you are an April baby, then your birthstone is the diamond, the daisy or sweet pea is your birth flower and you are either an Aires {April 1-19} or Taurus [April 20-May 21}.

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