History of the Gladiolus and Poppy

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The gladiolus and poppy are the flowers for August. The gladiolus derives from the Latin word gladius, meaning a sword. This is why the flower is known as a sword lily at times.


Many larvae use the more than 300 species of gladiolus as plant food.

The composer, Scott Joplin, composed the Gladiolus Rag in 1907.   The gladiolus is also a popular flower associated with a fortieth wedding anniversary.

The flower can be found in South Africa and tropical parts of Africa. Like the poppy, the flower is also found in Asia and the Mediterranean areas of Europe.


Both flowers come in a variety of colors.

Poppy’s are the other flower for August. These colorful flowers produce edible seeds, known as the poppy seed.

Poppies have long been a symbol of peace, sleep and death. If you remember the Wizard of Oz, the poppy seeds put Dorothy and her friends to sleep.

 Bees use poppies and gladiolus as a pollen source.

A red-flowered poppy is used as a wartime remembrance.

The state flower of California is the California Poppy and Poppy is also used as a girls name. 

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