I Love Lucy

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I Love Lucy stole the hearts of the American public in the 1950s. The show continues to be a fan favorite almost seventy years later.

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Who doesn’t remember the antics and hijinks of Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz? Or Ricky streaming Luuuuucyyyy  at her latest shenanigans.

The show ran from 1951 before leaving the air in 1957 after 180 episodes.

The show that was designed to keep together real life husband and wife Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, ended with their real life divorce.

But in our hearts they will always be together through the episodes of I Love Lucy. We will always remember little Ricky’s birth, Vitameatavegamin, the grape stomping and the candy factory episodes, along with all of their travels and stars.

Lucille Ball was born  on August 6, 1911 and died on April 26, 1989.

I Love Lucy Cast

She starred in a number of films throughout her early career.  After her marriage to Desi Arnaz, the couple looked for another vehicle for her and entered the new and exciting world of television.  Desi oversaw their production company Desilu and introduced the three camera method TV comedies used for years.

By the end of I Love Lucy the couples marriage began to deteriorate.  The couple had two children, a daughter and son, during the production of their TV show.

Lucy went on to star in several other TV shows including The Lucy Show and Here’s Lucy which her own children stared alongside her.

Although Lucy and Desi married other people, they maintained a deep abiding friendship and love for one another.

Lucile Ball will always remain the Queen of Comedy in our hearts.

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