Life Aboard the Titanic

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Life onboard the Titanic was a contradiction of classes.

The first class passengers lived the life of luxury and opulence.  This was mainly made up of the wealthy such as Macy founder, Isadore Strauss, millionaire John Jacob Astor and the cream of British society, the Countess of Rothes.

These passengers dined in high style, with some meals lasting up to eleven courses.  They would then retire to a salon for conversation, a drink and for the men a cigar.

 Aboard ship, the passengers also enjoyed many sitting areas, a swimming pool , tea gardens, Turkish bath, squash court and a state of the art gym just to name a few of the amenities.

Life aboard this passenger ship was much different than the cruise ships for fun and luxury of today.  However, the first class passengers would come closer to the opulence of today more than the other classes.

Second class would consist of what we classify as middle class today, professors, lawyers, clergymen and authors, made up this class.

The opulence was no where near that of the first class, and dinner consisted of only three courses, instead of eleven.

Third class was the steerage, and many were immigrating from Great Britain or European countries to America for a better life. These individuals had a simple berth {bed} instead of a fancy room.  Their meals were simple fare, usually of some type of stew and bread.

Before boarding, third class passengers passengers had to pass a health inspection.

When Titanic began to flounder, the women and children, which made up 24% of the ship,  were allowed to board first, but the class distinction remained.

Of the 2,228 souls on board, only 705 survived. Let’s break things down a little more, 61% of first class passengers survived, 42% percent of second class passengers and 24% of third class passengers, while 22% of the crew survived; and 54% of the women and children survived.

Oh, and 7 of the 9 dogs onboard survived.

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