Life Events in 1912

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Today we are inundated with celebrity news at every turn. Let’s take a lot at births {of future stars}, deaths and marriages in 1912.

1912 Famous Births

Gene Kelly was born in 1912

May 11–Phil Silvers comedian
June 19–Jerry Jerome lyricist
August 23–Gene Kelly actor
Nov 14–Barbara Hutton Woolworth heiress
Nov 21–Eleanor Powell actress
Nov 22–Doris Duke multi-millionaire

1912 Famous Deaths that would have been in the headlines

Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, died in 1912

Mar 30–Karl May German writer of Westerns
April 12–Clara Barton organized Red Cross
April 15–John Jacob Astor IV billionaire {Titanic}
April 15–Isidor Strauss owner of Macy’s {Titanic}
April 20–Bram Stoker writer {Dracula}
May 14–Frederic VIII King of Denmark
July 17—Dorothy Goetz Berlin bride of Irving Berlin {composer}
Aug 22–Pope Gregory IX
Sept 5–Arthur MacArthur, Jr US Army General
Dec 7–George Darwin theorist, astronomer and mathematician

1912 Marriages in the headlines

Feb–Irving Berlin and Dorothy Goetz {she died 6 months later of typhoid fever}
Aug 10–Leonard and Virginia {Stephen} Woolf

Composer Irving Berlin married Dorothy Goetz in 1912, she died 6 months later of Typhoid Fever

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