Genealogy Friday: Vital Records— Marriage License

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certificate of marriageMarriage license are another great resource, along with death certificates.

Marriage license are available to the general public at the probate court in the county of the marriage.

Marriage license began to be issued in the early 20th Century.  To find out the exact date for your state, check with the state.

Unlike birth certificates and death certificates that have a delay on availability, marriage records are available from the moment they are filed.  Although, you usually have to go to the probate court for the information in question.  Sometimes you can write or email them, if you know the exact date and names, they are more likely to send you the information than if they have to do a search.

Marriage license provide the full names of both parties being married, the number of marriage, the date of marriage, and the name of the officiate.

How have you used marriage records in your research?

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