1912 Man in Top Hat and Dress Coat

Men’s Fashion in 1912

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Men have always had a smaller attire than women, which we talked about last time. Still in 1912, there was a lot to a man’s wardrobe.

Men wore three piece suits with a matching waistcoat. Their trousers were ankle length once their cuffs were turned up. They were short gaiters or spats for shoes.

Boy in Norfolk Jacket

Their formal shirts were pressed into wings at the collars and they wore ascot ties for formal occasions.

Their waistcoats or sack coat was fastened lower on the chest and a cutaway morning coat was their normal day wear in Europe . For informal and semi-formal occasions a man would wear a lounge coat and a Norfolk jacket for outdoor pursuits. Men were not seen outdoor without their top hat.

It was very common for a man to have a moustache, they were usually wide and curled.

Boys were dressed in suits with trousers that extended to the knee and girls’ apparel began to become less “adult” as skirt lengths were shortened and features became more child-focused.

1912 Man in informal and formal dress
1912 Man in Top Hat and Dress Coat1912 Day or Casual men's wearMen's Fashion 1912

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