Years ago when first appeared I subscribed to the site for a short time and I was not impressed.  At that time there were very few newspapers that had been digitized.

Recently, I revisited the site for another site.  This archived site now has numerous newspapers available and easier search options. is a subscription service with online newspapers is a subscription service with online newspapers

The average cost of the site per month is the price of a fast food meal.  The site also allows you to purchase a six-month subscription for a small savings. is now owned by and a subscription can also be combined with your Ancestry account. also have a section called the Publishers Extra.  These are select newspapers that are available only for an additional cost.  This cost is approximately $20/month.

The years the newspapers are available also vary.  Some newspapers are only from the last few years, other newspapers may only have one or two years available and still other newspapers cover years from the 18th Century until the current day.

I would advise browsing the list of newspapers available before subscribing to ensure the area, time period and newspaper you are interested in is still available.  While they have numerous selections, there are still many newspapers they have not yet acquired or digitized.

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