8 Ways to Organize Grandpa’s Genealogy Research

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Last week, we discussed the options of what to do with Grandpa’s genealogy research now that he’s gone.

This week let’s flip the coin.  You decide to keep the research, but it is disorganized, and you are overwhelmed.

So, what can we do:

Overwhelmed by the genealogy documents you’ve collected?
  1. Learn a new hobby—learn everything possible about genealogy and begin to organize it yourself
  2. Hire a professional genealogist to help you organize the information in a manner that is easy to follow and understand
  3. Scan and digitize the information
  4. Create a filing system by surname and generation
  5. Create an online family tree {this is easy to do on Ancestry.com or FamilySearch.org}
  6. Create a family Facebook page to share information
  7. Create a family website
  8. Publish a book on the family history

The more time you spend pouring over the records, the more likely you are to develop the genealogy bug. However, depending on the size and depth of the research, this may be a project that is labor intensive and takes considerable time and work.

How have you organized Grandpa’s genealogy research?

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