The Pilgrims: Planting and Harvesting

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Each house in Plymouth Colony had it’s own garden, where vegetables and herbs were grown. This was the smaller garden where they would grow herbs and vegetables. Some of the vegetables would include spinach, lettuce, turnips and carrots.

Planting and harvesting was difficult work

A portion of field plot was assigned to each family, in the town garden outside of town.

Some of the crops grown would by corn, beans, wheat, peas, pumpkins, oats and barley and other crops and herbs.

Larger livestock would have also been housed near this area.

“Some foods, like salt, sugar, oil and vinegar, had to be imported from England.”

Gardening was new to many of the women who came from cities or towns in England that had a market.

Many of the women had to learn how to feed their families and grow their own foods.

Eventually the colonist learned to grow more food than needed. This would be used to trade good with the Indians or England.

In addition to discovering how to grow their own foods, the Pilgrims also had to learn to dry and can foods.

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