What was the primary religion of the Germans?


German immigrants came from a variety of religions


Question: My ancestors came from Germany, but I don’t know the biggest religion of the Germans at that time.

A quick search showed that most German’s were Lutherans and about 1/3 were Catholic.

You also have the German Huguenots.  The Huguenots originated in France, but over 50,000 ended up fleeing to Germany for safety and establishing themselves there.  Many of those or their ancestors would later immigrate to the United States or other countries.

Today most of the Huguenots have been immersed into other religions and cultures.

To learn more about your ancestors German beliefs, research family history and the area in Germany from which that family cluster originated.  This research will hopefully provide information on your ancestors religious beliefs.

What research tips do you have for researching in Germany?

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