Genealogy Friday: Pros and Cons of DNA

Last week, I shared the story of how DNA had proven that President Harding did indeed have a love child.

DNA has revolutionized our world in the last decade.  Criminals are able to prove either their innocence or guilt with the use of DNA.

file0001076945122So how does DNA affect genealogy?

Well many of us have the test done to determine what our heritage might be. is currently running a commercial where the “actor” thought he had German heritage but discovered he’s actually of Scottish descent.

Archeologists and researchers have used DNA to determine the bones of King Richard III and Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family.

DNA has also helped to find stolen children, prove links with royalty and solve historical mysteries. One example is  Anna Anderson’s claim that she was Anastasia, daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, was proven a lie with the help of DNA.

King Richard III--DNA proved his bones were the ones found underneath a parking lot
King Richard III–DNA proved his bones were the ones found underneath a parking lot

Yet, DNA can be both an asset and detriment to families.

These test can be used to break through brick walls.  With the ability of locating others that have closely matching test, we can find that missing link to work through those brick walls.

For an additional fee, we can directly trace back our Y {paternal} or mtDNA {maternal} back for generations.

However, with this advance in technology there are some families that may be hurt.  Families that have held secrets for years they do not want uncovered.  This can lead to opening up old wounds and festering old hurts.

What are some benefits and hindrances you’ve found with DNA testing?

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