Searching Military Records

Army Record






Military records are a wonderful resource for genealogy research.

Military records provide the muster rolls, which tells you when your ancestor was actively servicing.

However, there is additional information that can be discovered in these records.

Each record varies depending on the individual, events of service, etc.

However some information you may find are:

o   Dates of service

o   Regiment of service

o   Amount paidcertificate of discharge

o   Supplies issued

o   Surgery, wounds or hospital stays

o   Prisoner of War records

o   Muster rolls

o   Record of battle

o   Injury or death

o   Pension files

o   Medical historyMedals

o   Letters of service from others in the unit

o   Letters from a parent or spouse {most often this is in the event of death}

o   Notes of special assignment

o   Description of physical appearance

o   Discharge

o   Family Bible Records {often found in pensions for Revolutionary War}

o   Place living at time of enrollment and discharge

What information have you found in military records?


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