Understanding the Quakers

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Many came to the United States for religious freedom over the decades.

One of the religions I’ve discovered among my own ancestors is that of the Quakers.

Quaker log cabin

When researching the lives of our ancestors, it helps to understand their religious values and beliefs.

For instance, the Quakers origins are found during the English Civil War.

The Quakers, depend on the women to be responsible for the spirituality of the larger community.  This is different from many demonization’s that depend solely on the men.

Many Quakers later immigrated to North America.  Persecution of the Quakers began in 1656 in Boston, but by 1661, King Charles II forbade the state from executing anyone that claimed to be a Quaker.

Quakers have played a pivotal role throughout the United States.

The state of Pennsylvania was named for William Penn, a prominent Quaker.

The Liberty Bell was cast by Quakers and many of their ideas found their way into the Bill of Rights, trial by jury, equality for men and women, public education, and public legislature and constitutions of many of our states.

We often find it easy to judge, but instead we should strive to understand our ancestors, instead of judging them.   This includes understanding their religious beliefs, the times and conflicts in which they live, what drives them and what is important to their livelihood.

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