When an Ancestor is buried on Private Property

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I have several ancestors buried on private property.  Checking to see if a cemetery is on private or public property is important before planning a visit.

Before going to visit, call and inquire if the owners mind if you visit the grave yard.  Inquire of any special instructions to reach the land.  For instance to reach the land below, someone one the property must take us.  This is because it is in the middle of their field, as well as requires a four wheel drive vehicle.

Things to keep in mind:

Old Family Cemetery on Private Property
Old Family Cemetery on Private Property
  1. Some owners will be very helpful and understanding. They may know a lot about the family and can share information.
  2. Other owners will not be as open to visits and sharing information.
  3. Land can change hands and with this attitudes and mindsets will change.
  4. You may even meet family
  5. You may discover other points of interest that can be shared.
  6. Not all cemeteries are reachable by foot or car. I have one that crosses a pond and requires a 4 wheel drive.  I have another that is on the top of a mountain.
  7. Some cemeteries are better cared for than others. You may find some that have been abandoned or you’re not even able to walk through.

What lessons have you learned from private grave yards?

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