Genealogy Friday: 9 Tips for Cemetery Hopping

I’ve shared before about cemetery hopping, however recently I didn’t even listen to my own advice.

In the process I learned a few more lessons I want to share:

  1. Have good walking shoes—you may be there for a whilebtrimble1
  2. Have others go with you—this is safer and will make searching go faster
  3. Know who you are looking for, but also have an idea of other families of importance in the area that may have married into your family.
  4. Figure out the distance between the cemeteries you need to visit beforehand.
  5. Water is always a great asset—both for drinking and hydration; as well as to wipe off old stones
  6. Take a cloth to gently wipe off old stones
  7. Do not use whip cream, shaving cream or chalk on the stones because they can lead to erosion and damage. {These have all been popular methods in the past.  Instead to paper for a grave rubbing.}
  8. A grave rubbing may help hard to read stones be read
  9. Have plenty of memory on your camera for pictures.

What are some things you do when going cemetery hopping?

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