Genealogy Friday: 7 Tips to Planning for a Research Trip

Have camera and any other items needed packed
Have camera and any other items needed packed

Last summer, when I took a research trip I thought I had all of the information I needed.

However, throughout the course of the trip I realized I didn’t.

Part of this was because I’d never been to the area before, so I was unsure of how close or far certain cities were from one another.

Other things such as checking for everyone at certain cemeteries became an issue.

So what did I learn from this?

In essence, have your ducks in a row before you go on a research trip.

  1. Take the time to research the area. Learn as much as you can about the history and distance of places in the area where you are going.
    Make a list and double check
    Make a list and double check
  2. Know exactly what information you need {land records, wills, family histories, census records, graves, etc}. It helps to know what you already have or what records you can obtain online {such as census records and military records}
  3. Who are you researching? {name, dates, types of records, etc}
  4. Where are you going for research? {library, cemetery, court house, etc}
  5. Do you know anyone in the area that can be of assistance?
  6. What other families married into this group to research?
  7. Realize that everything will take longer than you anticipate. So plan your time accordingly, as best as possible.
  8. Bonus—What equipment do you need to take with you? {camera, hand held scanner, laptop, money for copies, etc}.


How do you prepare for a research trip?

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