The Pilgrims: Food

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Imagine after being cramped up for months on board eating hard biscuits, dried meats, pickled foods and drinking beer how happy the Pilgrims must have been to have something else to eat.

Pilgrims learned how to fish

But, that wasn’t without it’s trial and errors and a steep learning curve.

The Pilgrims were poorly equipped for fishing, although there was a bay full of fish. They would have to learn to fish, as well as gather lobster, clams, mussels and other shellfish.

Then there were animals they could hunt such as ducks and geese, wild turkey and deer.

With the seeds they brought with them, they were able to plant vegetable and herb gardens.

In their early days of exploration, they discovered Indian corn. Once they made friends with the Native Americans they were shown how to plant and grow the corn.

Food was cooked in the fire pit and chimney of each home.

and grab sea life

The first three years were very difficult for the Pilgrims, as they learned a new way of life. This included everything from a new way of catching and planting food to preparing meals.

The one thing they missed the most was beer, which was the preferred drink in England, for everyone {including children}.

Families would break the fast in the morning with bread and butter and cheese or food left over from the day before. The mid-day meal was the largest meal and supper was a smaller meal, usually of leftovers from dinner.

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