What to do with Grandpa’s Genealogy Research?

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I’ve heard the question time and time again.  What do I do with Grandpa’s Genealogy research?

Grandpa spent many years searching for his ancestors and gathering as much information as possible. Now he’s gone, but his research remains.  What do we do with it?

After all, genealogy is a pursuit many spend decades or a large part of their lives pursuing.  It’s a shame to trash it all.  A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into the tireless hours of gathering information and putting it all together.

Hopefully, in the best-case scenario the family will keep and treasure the research, but there are times when no one in the family has an interest.

So, what do we do with Grandpa’s genealogy research, if we don’t want to keep it?

  1. Donate to a local library
  2. Donate to a local genealogical library
  3. Publish the findings for other family members
  4. Find a distant relative interested in the research
  5. Donate to a local college that may have a history or genealogy department

What have you done with family genealogy research?

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